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A Day With The Dolphins

Like many of my volunteer experiences, my time here in Zanzibar is nearly impossible to condense into a few paragraphs. There’s just so much to share… So I’ll just try to cobble together a few stories and see where that takes us. The first day “on project” started early as the other four volunteers and … Read More

A Room With A View

OK – I’ll admit it. I have been almost ceaseless lazy since I arrived in Zanzibar five days ago. I attribute my sloth to a multitude of things … a dodgy stomach upon arrival, not one but two days in which I allowed the sun to burn me to a crisp (you’d think I would … Read More

Jambo Zanzibar

“Ahhh – you are very most welcome to Zanzibar, Kathryn!” sang Abu when I told him it was my fist visit to his country. I use the word “sing” because I want to find some way to describe the magical manner of speaking of this jolly African man who gathered me at the airport upon my arrival. … Read More

C’mon, C’mon

There are countless commands given during a lion walk. And I’m using the word “command” intentionally. Our highly trained lion handlers are not giving mere suggestions. When I hear “watch your back” – I quickly look over my shoulder, determine which way a lion will be passing and step aside – giving him or her … Read More


“Don’t panic,” Cara said to Nina, another volunteer walking with our group on this morning’s lion walk. A few moments before I had thought I’d heard something suspicious but I shook it off… there are always odd noises out in the bush. But then we heard some loud rustling and then an even louder trumpet … Read More

Care and Feeding

Following a breakfast of a lovely fried egg and the most welcome surprise of bright orange melon (a first!), our main Lion Manager Cara put her two closed fists out in front of another volunteer and me and asked us to choose. The other volunteer Carol picked one fist which, when opened, had nothing inside … Read More

An Education

Since I arrived a little over a week ago, I’ve traveled three times to the Natabe Primary School – a low-slung, single level white brick building situated down a deeply-rutted red dirt road – far from the bustling town of Livingstone. The inner walls are painted a pale aquamarine – much like the shade of … Read More

A Day in the Life

So I’m sitting outside at a long wooden table … it’s a still, hot African afternoon – the air still and filled with sounds of countless wild animals. I just unpacked my iPad to do a little writing and looked up to see a huge baboon meander by. Then the project staff came by and … Read More

The First 48

I’m sitting in a lounge chair at the Backpackers Livingstone hostel in Zambia … trying to be patient as I wait for my lift to the lions (as if hearing me … a tiny black cat just rambled up and climbed into my lap. Thank you universe.)  It’ll be another four hours … or five or … Read More

Who, What, When, Where…

Since I already wrote about the “Why“, I figured I’d explain a bit about the other particulars… at least the highlights ‘cuz it’s really my hope that the stories will unfold over the coming months. So below is a little overview to let you know what’s what. In a nutshell though – the eight flags above … Read More

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